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You Don’t Understand

You Don’t Understand

You Don’t Understand…

She said we don’t belong together
You say she’s a liar but yet
You don’t want us to get back

You say I will be better off without you
Well I say you have no idea
I am living the life of hell, you were supposed
To make it better but you just
Made it worse…

It’s been about two months since I’ve seen you
It crushes me just to think about
How you said it was over for good
I don’t think I Can go through
Life without you. It hurts SO bad!!

I would rather have another chance now
And take the chance of you possibly
Getting scared and making us go through
This again, then never be able to call
You mine again…

I was supposed to be the one
To help you through the hell
That life put you through but,
You just threw me away when
Things got hard…

I’ve never hurt so bad about
Something like this. I can’t help
But feeling that it hurts more now
Then it did the first time we went
Through this…

When we got confused about our
Situation we went to get help
But they told us we are too
Young to know what love
Really is…

When you said we would be together
For a long time I believed you,
When you said we were done forever
I realized there was still something
Between us…

Every love song that I hear
My mind goes directly to you
When I hear the word love
Or relationship my mind
Goes to you. When you said it was
Over for good I suddenly broke
Down, I suddenly wanted to fight
Harder for you…

When I say I love you, you say no
I don’t, when I say your the only
One who can fix me you say no
Your not and I don’t know what
I’m talking about. When
You say you love me, I get the
Biggest smile, I get butterflies and the
Only thing I can think about is how
Lucky I am that you love me and all
I can say back is I LOVE YOU too!!

I can’t live without you and it
Kills me to know that your too
Scared to hurt me again so that makes
You too scared to date me. It
Also kills me to know how
Much you don’t understand that
I Love You, and always will and how
You don’t understand that I am NOT
Better off without you…

I Just want to be able to call you mine

By Kristen

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