Love Poems For Him & Love Poems For Her




By Jackie O.

Yesterday, I saw my future
I saw my life.
Yesterday, a new life-breeze
Full of love and triumph brushed my
Blushful cheeks.

A masterpiece in Nature, a perfect creation.
Two brown jewels glaring at me,
Hypnotizing with such complexion and admiration.
Yesterday, such a magical day.
The day I meet you.

The spring butterflies in my stomach, the touch
Of your skin against my lips.
The Peace in my heart, the calmness in the air.
All in one day,

Happiness and Joy that spring inside of me,
Only for a tender touch of your hand.
The excitement of your name,
The softness of your hair,
Between my fingers.

The road around your shape,
That curves around my heart.
Yesterday, was such an unforgettable date.
I cannot forget,

The day I met you
The day I love you
And the day we grow old
Yesterday will always prevail.

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