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Today is the day
It’s the one day of the year,
Devoted purely to love
Not for shedding tears


You are too much beautiful, so I can’t look at you
My hands are shaking, and can not hold my hands.
I want wrap around but can’t
I latch on you, can’t stop without you

​14 February

Leave aside all the work for today
First send a sms or e-mail to you love
Then buy a flower run to her
Because, today is 14 February valentine day…

Valentines Poems For Kids

Sunshine Valentine

I’ll be very happy
If you’ll be my Valentine;
You’ll fill my heart with joy,
And my day with bright sunshine!

Grandma’s book of valentines
Rekindles memory’s flame,
Of days when she was just a girl
And life a happy game.

How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being an ideal Grace.


My Love
After so many years of loving you,
After so many things we’ve been through,
Still I couldn’t find the reason,
Tell me why am I in so much love with you?

I think of you often…I do,
From morning ’til evening I do,
When memories bring laughter
Or moments bring pain,
There is faithfulness, too, once again.

Happiness is not a tended rose
Amid the prescient beauty of a garden:
Perhaps one senses soon some gate may close;
Perhaps one senses soon the earth will harden.

Here among the lovers I wait willing,
Alone because I cannot be with you,
Pensive in the press of people filling
Promenades with passions spent and due.