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Teen Lost Love Poems

All Because Of You
By Bianca Lebron

It wasn’t the way you kissed me that made me feel so right
It wasn’t the way you loved me before we’d sleep at night
It was the way I realized why I was always down
It was the way you played me when I’m not around
My heart was always broken all because of you
And every time I think of it there is nothing I can do
I thought that I could make it right but nothing seem to fit
I think I kind of miss you maybe just a bit
All this time I loved you so
So much love that didn’t grow
And I think it’s time I let you go.

I wanna go back
By Felicia Costa

I want to go back to the times when thing were right when we could hang out and never fight
when we showed each other how much we cared and promised each other we always be there
I wanna go back to the times when I could call you just to say good-night
And I wanna go back to the times when I could hug and kiss you all night.

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4 Responses to “Teen Lost Love Poems”

  1. annonomus says:

    i love him and the first one was just like my story i never relized how much i cared for someone till i met him,, but he hurt me and to the person that wrote the first beautiful poem i thank you cause u made me feel like i wasnt the only one that was hurt by love…

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  2. Dawna Carr says:

    these poems were very touching and true:)

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  3. nikkie says:

    these poems explain me, im in love with them

    i wrote some poems but they arent this good

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  4. gessel pineda says:

    in the blink of an eye i had to say goodbye yhu went yhur seperate way and i went mine yhu left without a trace and i was stuck with why ? never came back not even for a hi i have a soft spot even though its wrong and a bit dumb i let go yet its not enough for me to comprehend that your with her tonight

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