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Tears of an Angel

As I stood there,
Tears running down my face,
I see my aunty
finally at rest

Her Body a slight yellow shade,
Her eyes glassy,
But with a look of milk
Her hands as cold, as the cooler in winter

To say good-bye,
Will be the hardest thing
But as the days continue
I still wait for her smiling face

Yelling at me,
Playing with me
Talking to me,
Always will be missed

Her soul will be with me
As she was always
Her life drained away
From a horrible disease

Our family gets together
All but one
The one that could not face it
To be with her dying mother

The thought brings shivers
As I try to recollect her last
Happy Easter, I love you all

I hears these words, a whisper
Such she had in her dying days
Forever kept in my mind
As I move onwards in life

Though still waiting,
For the day I see her again
The day she holds me,
The day I hear her voice

For when my time comes
I will be ready
With a dark rose in one hand,
And a light blue Angel in the other

You will always forever be,
The angel that came to save me
From when the times were rough
I will always miss you

Sam King

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