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Teacher’s Day Poems

Teacher’s Day Poems

Today is 24 November, again you are crown
Sultan of the hearts, source of happiness

You are the man should be kissed your hands
You profession is very blessed, and you the man
should be protected first

Every big job has your sign, you are in all the good
Today is 24 November, you are in all the heart

In fact everybody knows, you are melting while lighting
You show the truth until the end of your life.

The way you show, the place you brought
But all your effort remembering in this day

You do not eat the fruit of trees planted.
Indomitable to anyone, never say ‘oh dear’

This day so many praising, tomorrow you are noting
They look always out of you, but not inside.

Each November 24, praising is your density
You place just one day, in our heart city

The works you touch is better
This nation get rid of from abasement only by you

Today is 24 November, they would take you to the sky
They could leave you to the ground without parachute

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