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Take Me To Heaven

Take Me To Heaven

By Veni

I can’t get enough of you when you speak to me softly
When you kiss my bare neck with your soft lips
I can’t stop myself, I fall in love with you slowly
Again and again, it feels the world stops to exist

The river is high and it overflows with emotion
The sea is so deep just like your brown eyes
I just want to escape with you, run far away, run till the pain is all over
So we can lay down on the grass and just look at the sky

Don’t you know that for us the sky is the limit?
Don’t you know how happy we’ll be if they just let us be?
We can climb mountains together and at some point nothing will matter
All that will matter is that I have you and that you have me

Now would you take my hand and take me to heaven?
Take me to some place where they will let us belong
Make me forget the world as if it did not matter
Stand by me, help me be strong

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