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You Will Never Forget My Love

If you feel lonely one day, you will remember the days we spent together;
I will be closed to you as much as your hate in our heart.

When a tingling surround your ego,
You will think your hands I made them heated
I’m going to burn like a coal fire

When you want to cry sobbingly
You would remember my death when you leave me
I will make you cry as if pelting rain


I can’t stand being without you. It’s

Like living without sun. Your light
Overwhelms anyone near it. Just to be near you is a
Victory in my eyes. I want to be with you
Everyday of my life.


Yesterday, I saw my future
I saw my life.
Yesterday, a new life-breeze
Full of love and triumph brushed my
Blushful cheeks.

Never before did I believe
That love could ever be real
A myth another fairy tale
A forgotten dream
Was all it was to me


Out of all the souls in this world
he’s the one
and my heart he has controlled
he doesn’t even know
how much of this I hold

When I see you,
I see a girl so amazing I can’t help but stare.
When I see you,
I see the one who will listen and show that she cares.

Love so pleasant, Love so sweet,
Your feelings are true. ready and willing..
Burning with desire, passion and emotion,
Boiling inside, I don’t want to lose you.

Who better to know the definition of love than I?
For I know what love is.
That Feeling of looking at your sweet face,
Is a feeling that I can’t control.


Some things in life are hard to find,
but baby a thought came to mind.
That you are my treasure I will always keep,
close to my heart, yeah I know that’s deep.

I saw you out of the corner of my eye,
your sweet face, your caring eyes,
I gave you my digits, you promised you’d call