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Slowly But Surely Falling

Slowly But Surely Falling

By Taylor

Never before did I believe
That love could ever be real
A myth another fairy tale
A forgotten dream
Was all it was to me

But as I stare into your eyes
And you press your lips against mine
My heart stutters in my chest
My breath catches in my throat
In your arms I let myself fall

So heartbroken so alone was I
Condemning myself to my believed fate
Afraid to feel, terrified to hurt
You tore down these sacred walls
Stealing away my heart

Never did I notice it missing
For never once did I feel it beat
As it lay yours in your hands
Never did I hear my laugh a little louder
While you were the cause

These words cannot compare
To all that I feel for you
I smile bigger and laugh harder
My eyes shine brighter
Reflecting the care I feel for you

My heart beats a little faster
At the thought of you
Fireflies fill my stomach
At your mere touch
I’m falling for you more each day

And when you’re lost and alone
Listen in the background
Hear my voice
Listen to me whisper
I’m falling in love with you

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