Love Poems For Him & Love Poems For Her

Best Short Love Poems. Most Beautiful Short Love Poems.


My dear sweetheart,
It is you that I love
Under the stars above
Truly, with all my heart.

My dreams of you
Are dreams of Joy
Passion burns like a fire,
You’re my only desire.

To darling

You are so near,
And so far to me,
It seem to have fallen in love for the first time,
İf I reach, close as much as one step,
But as if shackles gyved on my feet, and I can not get a step,
Just watch you,
I want to lay on your knees and keep your hands tight,
As looking to the sky,
I want to dive into your eyes,
I feels shackles on my heart
When I am looking at you,
My smolder heart
I feel that who loves you
Is not me, is my heart.



I hear you breathing

soft ,shallow

in out

out in

up then down

steady rhythm

beautiful sound

The Sick Rose

“O Rose thou art sick.
The invisible worm.
That flies in the night
In the howling storm:

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.”



“Whispers of poetry
As gemstones to your ears
Deep and lonely lingers
Ever far, ever near
Breathing lyrics
As blue notes to your heart


My Poem

I have been
Telling my every poem
How cute you are.
But now I am ashamed to tell them
You are disrespectful to
Me, my love, and every poem



“Broken hearts, love’s deceit,
pieces fall down to my feet.
Broken promises, love’s a lie,
puddles form from tears I cry.
Broken dreams, love’s illusion,
sorrowed cause of your intrusion.
Broken hope, love’s a game,
doesn’t last, ends the same.


Evening Song

“Look off, dear Love, across the sallow sands,
And mark yon meeting of the sun and sea;
How long they kiss in sight of all the lands,
Ah! longer, longer we.
Now, in the sea’s red vintage melts the sun
As Egypt’s pearl dissolved in rosy wine
And Cleopatra night drinks all. ‘Tis done,

My Love for You

“My love for you knows no bounds
And one day it will pull me to the ground.
And on my knees I will ask it of you
If you and I could become one, not two.
And if God answers my prayers
When I stand at the alter, you will be there.
I will love you forever, to the end of my days


He loves me

If love asks a question, do not deceive
For the truth is the answer, I only believe

If my heart should open, love do not fear
Or if my eyes in happiness shed a tear

Let the wind in my soul blow you away
And the sun in my heart brighten your day