Love Poems For Him & Love Poems For Her


She loves him but hates him

She loves him but hates him

He looks at her and sees beauty
she looks at him and sees stupidy
no one imagined that they would get together
but when they did
everyone thought they would stay forever
forever is to long, sooner or later it will fall apart
when it did she had a broken heart
she acted like nothing was happening
but deep inside she was dying
for a while she was fine
never to relize she was blind
that she is still in love
her mind started to push and shove
she hates him
but loves him
she starting to relize she wants to get back together
but this time last forever
she wounders if he still loves her
if he still wants her
if she is still the beauty he once saw
he said i love you and never let you go
but he lied just to get what he wants
he said that he would never lie to her
and guess what
she belived him
now shes crying
crying for him
but does he care
she knows the answer its NO
its starting to be to much for her to bare
and sadly he let her go
he hates her and she does not know why
and she loves him and it makes her cry
she talked to him all night
sometimes even till daylight
he looks at her she looks at him
she still sees love
but what does he see
does he see the dove
that they once thought of
in the hall she gives an evil glare
trying to hide that its really a stare
she really wishes she didn’t love him
because then she could leave him
like he left her
but if it was ment to be
then he would be here with me

by Lisa

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2 Responses to “She loves him but hates him”

  1. mariam says:

    Seeing two of my prayers answered recently filled my heart up with happiness and love. I hope to share my newfound faith with others. I am praying for your peace and joy, and for you too to experience a change of heart. You are loved. Please do something today to help make someone else’s life a bit brighter.
    With love, peace and blessings.

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  2. Fonstertillverkare says:

    Internet is becoming a sad and messy place. We should organize a ‘clean the Internet day’ and we could start with your site:).

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