Love Poems For Him & Love Poems For Her


She loves…him…

She loves…him…

All my words are lies.
what is the truth?
my heart is the only one that knows.

I tell her that I approve and to be happy,
my heart screams in pain at my words.
I jab the knife into my soul;
what does my pain matter?

she loves him,
that is all that is important now.
I am just the guy she knows,
I am just someone else…

what role do I get to play in this “loves tragedy”
am I the jester and the fool?
do my feeling matter?
if so to whom?

I love her with all that is in me,
but the world is against us.
our love would be thought so wrong,
but I do not care.

all I want is her to be happy,
I would die to give her that.
she deserves the best,
but she settles for him.

his is a nice and safe guy to be sure,
I do not think that he would bring her harm.
but there is so much more to the man that she should give her love,
so much more to her prince.
by Anonymous

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