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Sad Love Poems And Quotes

Sad Love Poems And Quotes

The Unknown
By Anonymous

She sits at her desk watching her crush
Watching him laugh, sing, the way he says her name

Making her smile as well just from hearing him
Wanting more than friendship

But knowing she can’t have him
He loves another…another friend of theirs

Crying in the Night
By Jason W. Brookes

The lonesome kid cries in the night,
He hopes to become as strong as a knight.
With his shining Armour and gleaming sword,
Then before the battle, he thinks of her.
He gets a smile on his face,
Then dodges the mace.
And when he wins,
He looks at all the grins.
But when he goes home,
He tends to his wounds.
Then he cries in the middle of the night,
All over again.

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