Love Poems For Him & Love Poems For Her




By Veni

Sometimes I look at pictures
I look into his eyes, at his face
I look at the smile he used to give to me
I pray to see it live again someday

Sometimes I listen to those lyrics
Of songs so sad, they make me cry
And then I cuddle between my pillows
Remembering how we used to cuddle through the night

He is somewhere out there
Maybe happy, maybe not
I don’t know why I still continue waiting
Why do I fool myself with those false hopes?

Well, maybe it’s because I truly loved him
Maybe it’s because we never let our love grow
Maybe it’s because of those days together
When it felt like time stopped to flow

Now I look at all those pictures
And I am crazy to think he still belongs with me
Why do I still believe we will someday be together?
He has long ago made up his mind about me

“Listen to your heart”, he once told me
He even sang it, and I still play this song each night
Wondering was it his mind or heart that told him
To leave everything he had with me behind…

Is true love a one way street leading nowhere?
Is true love the love we can never reach?
When the love was in my arms, I didn’t hold it
And now when I so badly want it, it’s far away, outside my reach

Despite all this I look at pictures
I keep on dreaming about him
It feels like until my last breath
I will be hoping he will find the love within

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