Love Poems For Him & Love Poems For Her

It is assumed that all the pretty girls
that come from the creeks of the Niger
are either mermaid goddesses
with spirit husbands,

As I stood there,
Tears running down my face,
I see my aunty
finally at rest

In rainwashed night,
When everything is out of sight,
Because of heazy splash,
Which soakes the earth with drenched lash,


Me,a melting pot,
Under the scorching realities,
Reducing in awesome space,
Without any natures grace,


Let me be lost forever before l meeting you,
As l firm on my belief that you will slip and wither,
Much before l see you.
For several years my vain expectation,


You sit there on your butt, then you call me lazy.You call me ugly, but you the one loading your face with make up. You call me dumm, but you ask me for help. You call me, you slag me off behind my back. Then when you need something your all over me asking me to do this and that.

In the deserted rented homeland
Are strewn the dust-painted awnings

No sun peeps out, but hovers the fog
No wind blows save the constant chill


Another year has dissolved
Like both the notes of the bird
In the colossal firmament!

Past is summer
Winter is on the track
Chill is blowing
Snow fuelling
Life has derailed


Your hair is dark as the night.Your blue eyes looks like the moon.sparkles like water.your smile is the felicity that is with in me.who else can take a beauty title except you ?you laughter is birds in mumbai.your past remind me of Agira.your skin reminds