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My Love for You

My Love for You

“My love for you knows no bounds
And one day it will pull me to the ground.
And on my knees I will ask it of you
If you and I could become one, not two.
And if God answers my prayers
When I stand at the alter, you will be there.
I will love you forever, to the end of my days
And each day, to God will I praise.
For sending me an angel, so beautiful and true
An angel so perfect, It could only be you.”

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3 Responses to “My Love for You”

  1. keri jernigan says:

    I love this cause it says what I want to say to my man

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  2. Traci roper says:

    Awe so sweet

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  3. v-ky says:

    this poem its lyk was meant 4 me

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