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Melting plot

Me,a melting pot,
Under the scorching realities,
Reducing in awesome space,
Without any natures grace,
Carrying a crying soul to be pitied,
No splendour greets my burying dreams,
No valence encompasses my tiny world,
Everything is so bare to tricky folds,
Of contrieving hunters of fancy ageold,
Wherever mine frail steps advance,
In vain quest of solitude and eternal peace,
Taking the soft hands of muse in body,
I found the palace old subsidized,
Not revealing the princess gold,
In scattered hopes of human mold.
Oh! the disappointing life of illusion,
Unadored, unattended, and tored,
Hopping in gloomy passage of expectations,
Under lifes ire,
Who dethrones all petals of imagination,
Like a marauding hoon in lifes jackpot.
But still l not to leave the world unsung,
Not to let my feeble say to be drowned in clamouring millions,
Rather to leave a spot in lifes canvas,
Before losing in lifes blind alleys.

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