Love Poems For Him & Love Poems For Her

She still loves him

Since the first time they saw each other – they knew
And from that moment their love more and more grew

Together as one
As friends
As lovers
And as soul mates

Although others were against what they had
They did not care
They had each other



My life is change
Whenever she smiling
If I am tired then
Only see to her
I am fresh
It is only cause of his
Her eyes are


Love is

Love is hard to change plans
It is difficult to lose you too hard to get you
But sadly not afford your separation
It is difficult to bring the Stars for you
But I wish I provide you everything
I don’t want to sit with wet eyes for nothing

Let Think About Love

Let think about Love
Do we Love to each other?
You are in my dreams my Love
You are like flower
You are my poem of Love
You are so cute
You are seem like moon

Because I Love You

I give you whole of my Love
Because I want that
Your heart is full of Love
I give you whole of my strength
Because I want that
You go on the height of your proud
I give you whole of favors
Because I want that
You perform every work smoothly

Unlimited Love

There is no limitation for my Love
There is no value of distances for my Love
Time limit is going to end for my Love
Mountains and valleys are witness of my Love

Love Is Not Dream With the sweet feelings For the cute relation She writes his name On her hand With Love But She don’t know When her dreams break When she don’t get him She is going to Sad She don’t know the reality of Love That Love is not dream

Wave Of Sea & Love When I see the waves of sea One thing I come to know that When waves touches the earth Then it looks like waves kiss the earth And go back to sea These waves show their Love with earth So it is come back continuously and touches the earth And […]


Love & Hate

They say that Love hurts more than Hate.
But they can never complicate.
What our heart says today.
That will never be a despite.
And get in our way of Love and kindness.
Sweet heart and soul.
Disrespect and honesty.
Two completely different things.

Breath Of Love

What can I say you
Take my breath away
As you whip my tears
All my fears are whipped away you
You cant stray from Love
It is like a dove
I want to see us together for ever