Love Poems For Him & Love Poems For Her

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Missing You My Dear Dad,
The Thought Of It Makes Me Sad,
Tears Getting My Shirt Soaking Wet,
Happiness Isn’t Found Just Yet,

Every Shooting Star Has A Light,
I Wish Upon At Night,
Every Angel Has A Mission,
To Answer Every Wish, Wishen,


I had a solid heart of Gold
which hid inside my ribcage
but you took it out and broke it
into many peices and I was left


You picked me up from the ground
showed me your love
helped me understand my life
You showed me the different world

Love Poems For Him

I laid down on a bad made flower in my dream
I covered me with a chamomile quilt
I kissed his face reminiscent of psoriasis,
I stroked your hair, just like strokes you
I looked into your eyes if is closed your eyelids,
My heart burned with your love,
There is nothing left from her
to me


Just For Him

He is the guy
God sent from above
I catch him with my eye
Like a solid white dove
He is the sweet to my heart
The rainbow to my skittles
The beat for my heart
And the answer to my riddles

She loves him with all her heart

She is happy with a smile shown
everyone loves her that was prone

she has it all; everything is great
she gets everything; that’s just fate

She loves…him…

All my words are lies.
what is the truth?
my heart is the only one that knows.

I tell her that I approve and to be happy,
my heart screams in pain at my words.
I jab the knife into my soul;
what does my pain matter?

She loves him but hates him

He looks at her and sees beauty
she looks at him and sees stupidy
no one imagined that they would get together
but when they did
everyone thought they would stay forever
forever is to long, sooner or later it will fall apart
when it did she had a broken heart
she acted like nothing was happening

I love him this way

He loves me
But I love him more with all of me
He cares for me
But for him I cared like crazy
I made him fell in love
But more he knocked me off my feet

His life thats what he sees me
His my all thats what I made him see