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Love Poems For a Girl

 To a beautiful girl

I’m scared,
I’m afraid of dying,
Why am I afraid?
I do not want to go without reaching you

I love those beautiful eyes,
I love that you straight hair,
I love the scarf around your neck due to cold,
Whatever you do, I love you!

I do not want anyone to race,
Because no one can love you as much as I.
I do not want to lose you,
Because can not love anybody as much as you .

I want to hang deeply to your neck
I want to keep your beautiful hands tight.
ı want to sleep on your shoulder during long winter
I want to live you as a princess.

Love Poems for a Girl

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4 Responses to “Love Poems For a Girl”

  1. love says:


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  2. James carbon says:

    I love this poem for my love it makes ma heart to melt!

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  3. Breana(: says:

    Awh that is so adorable, I love this and I wish this could happen some day

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  4. Gozie columba says:

    Infact this love poem is meant to touch the mind and soul of the body. Love poem add favour to once love life.

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