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Lost forever

Let me be lost forever before l meeting you,
As l firm on my belief that you will slip and wither,
Much before l see you.
For several years my vain expectation,
Has adored an unshaped rider on fancy back,
More beautiful than the beauty itself,
Harnessing to ruthless dividation of upturned soul,.
Time ticks my lifes each second,
In still water of drudgery,
Hamsrtrunning all delicious charts of mirth and laughter,
Which are in penury,
In grave want of your soft wealths.
Youth had come in prime and lingered,
Sometimes in full delight, sometimes flickered,
Then travel between ought, or and may,
Burying all sagging determination on your memoirs,Now Silent, sagacious and experienced.
Pinning for a solitary hallow in lifes alter,
Graced by Lord or by you!’

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