Love Poems For Him & Love Poems For Her


Is it normal to feel these feelings?

Is it normal to feel these feelings?
The feelings like i do?
To feel the pain of death,
As if Satan’s watching you.

Is it normal to be afraid?
And to feel so much hate?
To always feel alone,
And be too scared to go back home?

Is it normal to slash my wrists?
And watch the blood pour like this?

Is it normal to want to die?
Always break down and cry,
Because i have no friends,
And i want my life to end…

Is it normal to run and hide?
To a silent place to think about suicide?

Is it normal to live this way?
Never go to Church…
Never have time to pray?

Am i normal?
Or am i different?
Am i freak?
Just because i feel this way?
Cos I’m like this day after day…

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