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In rainwashed night,

In rainwashed night,
When everything is out of sight,
Because of heazy splash,
Which soakes the earth with drenched lash,
Water rushes from lane to lane,
As if His filled glass has broken on plain,
And trickled on grounds soft chick,
To fill it full for next dayds Sun to lick.
In rainwashed night,
How beautiful are those warm lights,
Hence remained unseen on natures fury,
Now to be companion of all dreamers in fancies hurry.
Dark is the night walls and darkest its roof,
Sky is scoopy with cloudy troops,
Battling with battered summer fit to be abused,
The summer seasoned mortals are thus much amused.
In rainwashed night,
An unknown bird takes noisy flight,
Frogs are facing loud,
In praise of His might,
Everything so rapturous,
In rainwashed night.

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