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I Love You Baby

I Love You Baby

By Josh Troutman

Baby you mean the world to me
And I know we were meant to be
I’ve never felt this way about someone
I know that you are the one

You’re the only girl I want to be with
For the rest of my life
And I always dream about the day
That I make you my wife

I can’t even begin to explain
How you make me feel
You make my heart beat so fast
It seems too good to be real

I wish you were here with me now
So I could kiss those soft lips of yours
I’d caress your beautiful face
And prove that I love you more

I want to fall asleep next to you
every night
And wake up every morning knowing
You’ll be the first thing in my sight

It would break my heart
If we ever left each other
So lets stay together forever
Up ’til our last breath
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