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I save our love with ctrl + s
Call back with ctrl + z
I download my love and put into system 32
I love much the moment when you cover the screen


I woke up in the morning,
Hearing the knock of my front door.
I never knew what love was,
I never knew before.
I saw the golden maiden

She said we don’t belong together
You say she’s a liar but yet
You don’t want us to get back


Shall I compare you to a summer day?
With clear sky and sun light shine on your face.
And the smell of flower and grass all over the place.
Shall I compare you to a summer day?

If I ask you in years to come
When you’re old and grey
What did you do with your life my dear’
What do you think you might say

She is beautiful and kind, and kinda beautiful,
She makes me smile and makes me cry,
I love to hold her close and love to watch her from a far,
My heart races when I hear her voice and slows when she is silent,


If I told you that I loved you
Would you reject me?
Or would you run down the street saying that you loved me back

You are so very beautiful and way too nice
I love you once I love you twice
I’ll scream I love you with my last breath
Even in the after life I’ll love you to death.

The cold ground draped all in white,
On this cold December night,
Cutting down our Christmas tree,
I want you to be with me.

The Movie of Our Life

In the movie of our life,
starring you and me.
Hollywood is in for a treat,
wait until they see.