Love Poems For Him & Love Poems For Her

Best First Time Love Poems. Most Beautiful First Time Love Poems.

I wrote you a note,
such a long time ago.
With the option to check,
in the yes or the no.
I could never imagine,
we would be here today.


The rain is falling,
down onto my face,
here with you,
I am in a different place,
the way we touch,

Do you know what you’re doing to me?;
The tone of your voice fills me up with glee;
I hear your giggles and your smiles;
In my heart I hope your not using your wiles;


Oh , I wonder if this is true
I wake up every morning without any clue
every time I see her my face gets red never blue
oh, is this true?

you can put things into words that my mind can’t describe
you can tell me you love me and hold me all night
you can cuddle and kiss me and I don’t need much more
you know me like no one ever has before


Putting me up on a pedestal,
loving everything about me.
Loving holding his hand,
loving looking into his eyes.

When reason has folded
His parasol, love will
Begin her dance.
Love sets the stage
For reason’s clarinet