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Falling in Love Poem

My stomach fills up with butterflies everytime my eyes lock with yours
and I see your beautiful face

I search for words, but you leave me speechless
I can’t think straight, my heart starts to race

Just the thought of you warms me even on the coldest day
your smile is like a ray of sunshine

Brightens the darkest corners of my soul
Your touch alone resurrects my heart that was dark as coal

You’ve been able to bring it back to life, you give it a reason to beat
You give a man the inspiration to wake up, the power to stand on his feet

I remember trying to reach paradise
With my homies on the block with a pair of dice

Pockets full of that goodish thinking money was the only thing that would bring happiness
but all I got was misery, despair, and loneliness

Until I woke up one morning
and realized paradise was sleeping right next to me

All I could do was kiss you gently on your forehead,
put my hand on your hip and admire your beauty

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  1. afasinu joseph says:

    Wow!its hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Just got a ****

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