Love Poems For Him & Love Poems For Her


I love you
but I don’t dare
to tell you
I see you every day
in the morning I see you

In My Dreamland (With You) By Snow Seeking solace with my pen Flowing all my unspoken words All my thoughts, all my dreams I know my heart will love you until the end. In my dream, I will see you through From dawn I will be waiting Until dusk, I will be there too. Soaring […]


Your Love By T when I first saw you I adored you when I first talked to you I felt special I knew one day this could be true it was like a drug a drug so addicting I had to have it this drug was your love you didn’t see it but I did […]

Poem About A Girl By Mhillz Clavel Jr I’ve known a girl, who made me think Who sometimes wear, a shirt in pink Through her style, and the way she smile She caught my heart, in just a while Through her picture, I looked at her The things I feel, gets stronger I tried to […]

Falling in Love Again I’d crept into the deepest darkest place, Where life and love no longer saw my face. My heart was cold, my very soul was dead. My only solace, memories in my head. You came to me and caught me unaware, And unprepared, I fell into your lair. I struggled as you […]


Pretence I said to her – I am burning , burning Like a forest on fire! She replied me – Who goaded you To fall in love ? Lift me, lift me I urged From this hearth of flames. Wait, she said First give up The pretence of love

When you fall in love When you fall in love you, nothing can change the way you feel Your heart pumps like mad but you feel nothing but love You feel full up and you don’t even realise you haven’t eaten You can’t sleep for thinking about them You can’t concentrate for thinking about them […]