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Best Death Poems. Baby, Brother, Daughter, Father, Friend, Husband, Mother Death Poems.

2001, the 11of September,
A plane crashed in to the world trade center.
18 minutes later, building two
Got hit by another, what do we do?


Death Angle

Have you came death angle
I know we will go
I will ask you nothing death angle
Would you give me a bill last time
Let’s get agreeing from my mom
Let’s kiss her hands
Let’s hang to mu strong dad
Let’s touch my beautiful sister’s hear last time


Dear God,
My name is Mya Hailey Garcia,
and I live here on Earth,
and as far as I’ve been told,
whatever I want,
I should ask you first.


Day by day I think of you,
How can all of this be true?
I can’t believe you’re really gone,
I still can’t accept it,
Even after so long.

A little angel unknown I, am, my place is as an angel in a secret land.
I didn’t have a name as such, you didn’t get the chance,
I wasn’t meant to live on earth just touch you by the hand.
I’ve been sent to touch your lives and I know you’ll think that cruel,


I never got to see your eyes,
or hold your hand, or hear your cries.
All I have are dreams of you,
those of which, will never come true.
My heart sank the day that I knew,