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Cute Love Poems

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My Wish, My Dream

In Love With You

You + Me = Us

O mistress mine


She walks in beauty

Cute Love Poems

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Cute Love Poems


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  1. Chante " tayley " Eskelsen says:

    The way u make me feel baby should not be real.
    Every bone in my body tells me that its too good 2 b true.
    You can make me smile even when I don’t want to.
    Since I met u, nothing is much fun when u are not around me.

    U have the ability to make me laugh until I cry, and nomatter how hard I try those happy tears cannot b pushed aside.

    When I hear or see you name I start to loose control.
    When u say my name I swear my knees would give in at any given moment.
    I admit it makes my heart skip a beat.
    I don’t know how u did this , but u managed to turn my whole world around,inside-out and upside down.
    This is how u make me feel.

    I still feel the same way about u after all this time..
    # LoVe YoU BaBy **,

    -inspired by Andre Muller.

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  2. Hannah says:

    Love the poems , So pretty, i wish i cpuld write like this

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  3. Jimmy Ball says:

    dey is rubbish man, do u get me bruv? peace out suuukkaaa

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  4. Katelynn Harris says:

    Butterflys and Dizzy Heads
    My love for you is like patience, kindness and consideration.
    blinding to the true, yet showing humility, tenderness and joy. Endearment and hope,
    Butterflys and Dizzy Heads

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  5. andrea estrada says:

    love tat poem!!!

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  6. lino says:

    i like your lips and the sway of your hips .you make me crazy but for you baby ….trust me i wont be lazy …you had the key to my heart from the very start

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  7. karen says:

    How do you know when you’re in love
    is it the crazy things you do
    is it the fact that my heart skips a beat
    everytime that i think of you
    Is it the fact that I can’t sleep at night
    when your image is in my head
    Or is it the fact that I can’t stop smiling
    after every word that you’ve said cute love poems

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  8. karen says:

    cute love poems
    The love we share, has made us one.
    From rising moon, to setting sun.
    On your wings, my heart does soar.
    Across the sea, and along the shore.
    Into the future and back to the past.
    The happiness we have will always last.
    When we met, your lips I kissed.

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  9. karen says:

    cute love poems
    ometimes a little smile,sometimes a little glare,
    is what makes me feel you will always take care,
    Sometimes a few words,sometimes a little touch,
    is what tells me why do i love you so much.

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  10. karen says:

    cute love poems
    I’m addicted to you
    Your body and soul
    Without my daily fix
    I lose all control

    You’re like a drug
    Something I can’t resist
    I became hooked
    With that very first kiss

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  11. karen says:

    You say you’re Cinderella
    Or you would like to be
    Does this mean that you’ve found
    Your Prince Charming in me?

    You also say you’re Jasmine
    So Princess, please be mine
    A whole new world I’ll show you
    A world of love divine
    cute love poems

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  12. karen says:

    cute love poems
    Love Rains Down

    I frame her picture,
    I took with my mind.
    Hidden within my thoughts,
    so no one else can find.

    I see her from my window,
    and can’t help but think.
    What if she were my girl?
    My heart would sink.

    Finally I get the courage,
    to come out and talk.
    I said it was a nice day,
    and asked her for a walk.

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