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Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

By Kaitlyn Clements

When I started as a seventh grader
I didn’t think life could be greater.
Soon everything fell apart
and you pieced together my broken heart.
I opened up and let you in;
I never thought you’d hurt me in the end.

I never understood what went wrong.
I didn’t think it would hurt this long.
All the things you said to me,
I always thought we would be.
The past we cannot forget
But our hearts might be filled with great regret.
I’ve survived heartbreak and I’ll do it again.
I cannot dwell on one of you men.

Love comes your way each and everyday,
It isn’t obvious but is shown in a different way.
Some people feel it and others don’t,
There are some people who just won’t.

Loving is living,
You have to be giving.
Hiding away won’t solve the problem today.
Embrace each chance to give your heart away.

Love hurts but takes chances,
You will find different romances.
I will open my heart once more
But my heart will always be sore.

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