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Beautiful Love Poems

What is love?

Love is spilling from heart to heart
Love is living in spite of centuries
Love is a step on the way of darling
Love is feel thirst on the oman,
Love is being one in one body,
Love is filling from heart to heart
Love is adding night to day,
Taste the pain from the heart
Love is sinking in the love ocean.

Flowing to the oman drop by drop,
Find out oman in the drop,
Grow pale with the color
And is being exist with love stuff

Love is:
burning in the hell
suppose Leyla who you see
being painted with love
endure to the love suffering
burning with love
being crazy
turning as Mevlana do
Bemoan and suffering
to be scattered
Lighting and blinking,
Blinking and lightening

Love is smiling and laughing with darling
Dying on the way of darling
Living as Mecnun and Yunus
And love is path way on the way of darling

Listen the world,
Universe is hidden in the particle
─░nstead of momentary, seasonal love
Love is living love as love itself
Both life and love


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  1. Dennis Frates says:

    Spot-on review. Pitch-perfect movie with great performances from many but, especially Clooney. A film that will reside in the public imagination for quite some time. Top draw.

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