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Beautiful Love

Beautiful Love

You are so very beautiful and way too nice
I love you once I love you twice
I’ll scream I love you with my last breath
Even in the after life I’ll love you to death.

By Tony Mullins

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21 Responses to “Beautiful Love”

  1. Destiny says:

    I never know what words to say but I think about you each and every single night
    I never know if our hearts were meant for
    Eachother but I love you sames to last forever
    I never can search the brightest star but I miss the caress touch in your arms I never know how to even feel but I want my heart for you to heal
    There aren’t enough hours in a single day to find the words I wanna say I think about you day after day our love will never fade away our love will always remain as you call my name it feels like an angle that gave me you to love from above I never know how to expess my delight but I know this is right.
    I look high to stars as they shape your face
    When I dream of you I will your warm in grace
    You make me smile and laugh so much
    I just want you know I love you so deeply much our love is like a ocean river our love is meant to last forever I try to find words to say but I love you in oh so many ways.
    As the sun is dawning and the sea in slowly clear as the wind blows I love you through the air

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