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Anniversary Poems

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We met with you
To live thousands of happiness
Have taken the first step
But mostly lived pain
anniversary of togetherness
Do you remember?
We were like children
While talking on the phone
We were all keyed up
If you sad coming to me
I was ranking the minutes
I would listen your footsteps
Maybe you may came
Your coming was enjoy
Movement was an autumn in my heart
Then one day
It was the day for the pain
We broke up with you
My brain wanting broke up
Not my heart
My heart can’t stop to separation
But what is true
It should end
It couldn’t continue
Do not think that I’m happy now
Do not think that I forgot what happened
Do not think that I’m not disappointed
My heart may still be broken
May be I would not forget pain
Desperation, desperate expectations we lived
And the tears for the sake of you
Do not think that I forgot all
Now today
Is the day we met
Is the day we lived thousand of happiness
Is the day of our first footstep
And is the day of anniversary of togetherness

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    this is for u

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