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It is assumed that all the pretty girls
that come from the creeks of the Niger
are either mermaid goddesses
with spirit husbands,
and I have been no exception.

So, today as always
as I embarked on my long journey
through the habitual scrubbing, sponging, and exfoliating
of my smooth but dry skin
washing those corners under my arm
that never cease to rain sweat
at the slightest heated weather
which always occurred especially during harmattan

I could hear them muttering again
about how they never could understand
how I could use over half and an hour
for an ordinary bath.

They gossip some more
that night at the hostel, at the retreat in Rumuodara
they are sure
I am trying to wash away
the fish smell off my mermaid skin

condemning also my habit
of wearing fragrances and colognes
of petals and cedar wood and roses

At night before I lay to sleep,
they said my possessed mermaidness
is what I used to lure all the men to me
for sure, they believed I have another life
abode the shores of the seas
of the nun-river, in the ocean of the Atlantic.

They say, “it’s in her eyes, haven’t you noticed?”
“A lot of the beautiful women from her place
are fishes in human forms.”

They gossip again some more
they said my steps wobbled
and has no firm grip to hold the earth
because, they believed it was indeed a tail
still I continue in the pleasures of one of my best routines
of scrubbing, sponging, and exfoliating.

They gossiped yet some more
Eno, confirmed to them that indeed I were possessed
that’s why according to her, I was named ‘Timi’

I wanted to scream and call them gossips
or maybe even report to our zonal leader about it
but then, to myself I said
of what use would it be?

Only the other day, at fellowship,
a deliverance was conducted
and amidst all the laying of hands and rotating galore
I stood gallant, my spirit being, felt nothing

They prayed and shouted some more
“she is possessed with strong demons from the marine kingdom”
I opened my eyes quizzically, in flashes to see their faces
by now, my tired self needed rest and I gave her rest on the room wall

A little after a while,
I was recommended
for a special deliverance session
again to be held by our zonal leader.
So, of what use will it be, if I reported them to him?

They continued…..they gossiped in even lower muttering tones
they said my nightly perfumes were to invite him
the spirit husband

At this point I laughed out loud
they became quiet, each moving to their beds
as I walked out, all clean and nicely scented
I see their sneaky peeping eyes on me
I walk towards my bed, say my prayers
And of course tried on my new cologne
it is Davidoff’s cool water

As I lay to sleep,
I felt heaven
leaving them to their naivety and gossips
I closed my eyes and felt the warm embrace of sleep.

Timi Ovuru

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